Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty- Something To Avoid and a Lips Tip

Did you know that putting white eyeshadow on all of your eyelid can make your eyes disappear and your face look washed out and dry? But if you put it only right below the outsides of your eyebrows and a small amount in the dark spot by your tear duct next to your nose it will brighten your eyes and accentuate your brow and eyes nicely? It's a trick I've heard about many times from many places, but most often from Carmindy on TLC's "What Not To Wear". I love her tips and easy makeup routines. She is incredibly good at showing a girl something quick and easy she can do daily. At the hand of Carmindy, no woman walks away without a fresh and beautiful face.
According to myself, no woman should ever appear without eyes or lips. They are a woman's best traits, and if you look like you don't even have them, there is something that can be done about it. Depending on who you talk to, bright red lipstick is either good or bad. Apparently doing both your eyes and lips up is breaking a makeup law, but that doesn't mean you should hide one or the other, it just means don't overdo them both. When bright red lipstick is involved (which, by the way, tends to make yellowish teeth more yellow), don't do up the eyes so much. If you don't have much for lips, don't worry about the law.
If you don't have much for lips, try to find a lipstick that matches your lip color but is a shade or so darker. If you apply some lip gloss and mash your lips together a few times it should bring your color out so you'll know what you've got. Lipstick doesn't need to be layered on thickly and reapplied every time you breath. Lipstick has a way of seeping the color into your lips, almost like a stain (so be careful not to smudge it, stay inside the lines); apply one layer and kiss your tissue, you know the drill (if you don't know it just take a piece of toilet paper and press it to your lips, then press your lips together tightly, repeat as needed), and then apply some lip balm. Keep both with you throughout the day and if you notice your lips disappearing then repeat. this way you'll look more natural and have less chance of smudging it all over your face and getting it on your teeth.