Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty- Something To Avoid and a Lips Tip

Did you know that putting white eyeshadow on all of your eyelid can make your eyes disappear and your face look washed out and dry? But if you put it only right below the outsides of your eyebrows and a small amount in the dark spot by your tear duct next to your nose it will brighten your eyes and accentuate your brow and eyes nicely? It's a trick I've heard about many times from many places, but most often from Carmindy on TLC's "What Not To Wear". I love her tips and easy makeup routines. She is incredibly good at showing a girl something quick and easy she can do daily. At the hand of Carmindy, no woman walks away without a fresh and beautiful face.
According to myself, no woman should ever appear without eyes or lips. They are a woman's best traits, and if you look like you don't even have them, there is something that can be done about it. Depending on who you talk to, bright red lipstick is either good or bad. Apparently doing both your eyes and lips up is breaking a makeup law, but that doesn't mean you should hide one or the other, it just means don't overdo them both. When bright red lipstick is involved (which, by the way, tends to make yellowish teeth more yellow), don't do up the eyes so much. If you don't have much for lips, don't worry about the law.
If you don't have much for lips, try to find a lipstick that matches your lip color but is a shade or so darker. If you apply some lip gloss and mash your lips together a few times it should bring your color out so you'll know what you've got. Lipstick doesn't need to be layered on thickly and reapplied every time you breath. Lipstick has a way of seeping the color into your lips, almost like a stain (so be careful not to smudge it, stay inside the lines); apply one layer and kiss your tissue, you know the drill (if you don't know it just take a piece of toilet paper and press it to your lips, then press your lips together tightly, repeat as needed), and then apply some lip balm. Keep both with you throughout the day and if you notice your lips disappearing then repeat. this way you'll look more natural and have less chance of smudging it all over your face and getting it on your teeth.

Health- First Two Days

No one with any brains has ever said that loosing weight would be easy. It isn't. Something the Biggest Loser from last season, Danny, said was that he sweat all of that weight out of himself. Can you imagine? I can't imagine sweating 10 pounds off, let alone hundreds. I know that he didn't really sweat all of the fat out of his pores, most of it probably came off through the bodies other natural waste removal systems, but the point is that his work and his sweat is what got him there.
My first two days have been frustrating and hard. It's hard when there are so many temptations around (especially since I'm used to indulging in food temptations)to be strong and stand up for my body. My biggest weaknesses are chips and ice cream. What is there in the house but copious amounts of both. I love salty oily crunchy things. Deep-fat-fried is one of my biggest weaknesses too. When I look over a menu, those items are what I usually choose. Another trial for me is ketchup and ranch dressing. The ranch often has MSG and the ketchup has high fructose corn syrup. Most people don't realize the danger in those items, although probably most people have heard to stay away from them. What they do to me is make me crave more food and they tell my body that I'm still hungry. I tend to eat faster and more when those things are present.
I did go for a jog/walk with my dogs on Monday and I stayed away from over eating and ice cream, even though I normally would have done both. Tuesday was another decent day for the eating, and I went for a hike with my husband, Ben. We decided that Wednesday will be our cheating day, because that's the day we get together with my brother and sister-in-law and eat dinner and watch a TV show. They are working towards a healthier lifestyle as well, so it's their cheat day too. Even though it's our cheat day we've decided to nix the desert part of the menu and try to eat healthier things like fruits and cheeses and meats, in small quantities of course ;).
Today I hope to stick with not over eating and I hope to get some exercise too.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Beauty: My Passion and Frustration

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. I agree, but I know that it's easier for the eye to behold a well put together person than one who is floundering. Beauty isn't as hard as it sounds or looks. It takes some practice but once you've mastered the art of your face, it isn't hard to be consistently nice looking.
This is what frustrates me: people who have not the slightest idea of how to apply simple items like a base or even how to choose the right colors. There are those who think they know what they're doing who make a huge mess of their faces and those that don't know and won't try. I don't spend a ton of time investigating the proper applications, but i feel like it's as easy as, "I want to know, so I'll Google it." It takes five minutes on the web to understand the best way to apply eyeshadow or find out what colors best suit your skin-tone.
A woman who cannot figure out the basic application of a base, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and mascara can give the unintended appearance of a lack of good hygiene. I don't mean that every woman must wear all of those things (some women only need a touch of blush and a swipe of mascara), but that if any of them are applied incorrectly this adverse effect will occur.
In this section of my blog I will be posting about beauty flubs I've noticed and how I'd fix them. I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve after a decade of application.

Wisdom aka my soap box

I consider myself to be a smart and capable person. I've been told that I have good common sense, which, as it happens, is not so common. In this section of the blog I will probably note things I've noticed throughout my day-to-day and talk about what I've learned. This section will also often be combined with the other two because it takes a level of wisdom to be healthy and beautiful. I once had a notebook that was invaluable to me (which, of course, I lost) that I filled with thoughts about life and silly things people have said and done. I think this blog will be a good replacement.


My name is Jana, I'm 26 years old and I'm about 25 pounds overweight. I've just finished my first year at college and I've been married for five years, happily. When I first met my husband I was slightly underweight and people told me I looked unhealthy. Although I ate regularly (anorexia and bulimia would never fly with me), I wasn't exercising or eating correctly. I'm no pro on eating disorders, but I would say that I have one. I think it is one that many of us have and it is degrading to the spirit. It's a daily binge-fest where scarfing down everything in front of me is all that matters until it's gone, and then I get some more. I know that I'm not as bad as some (I've watched a season or two of The Biggest Loser on NBC) but I know that I could be a lot better about the things that I eat and the way that I eat them. Today is the day that I change. I will be exercising regularly and trying to eat less of the unhealthy and more of the healthy. I've heard that blogging about experiences will help a person reach their goals and that is what I'm doing in the health area of my blog.