Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Health- First Two Days

No one with any brains has ever said that loosing weight would be easy. It isn't. Something the Biggest Loser from last season, Danny, said was that he sweat all of that weight out of himself. Can you imagine? I can't imagine sweating 10 pounds off, let alone hundreds. I know that he didn't really sweat all of the fat out of his pores, most of it probably came off through the bodies other natural waste removal systems, but the point is that his work and his sweat is what got him there.
My first two days have been frustrating and hard. It's hard when there are so many temptations around (especially since I'm used to indulging in food temptations)to be strong and stand up for my body. My biggest weaknesses are chips and ice cream. What is there in the house but copious amounts of both. I love salty oily crunchy things. Deep-fat-fried is one of my biggest weaknesses too. When I look over a menu, those items are what I usually choose. Another trial for me is ketchup and ranch dressing. The ranch often has MSG and the ketchup has high fructose corn syrup. Most people don't realize the danger in those items, although probably most people have heard to stay away from them. What they do to me is make me crave more food and they tell my body that I'm still hungry. I tend to eat faster and more when those things are present.
I did go for a jog/walk with my dogs on Monday and I stayed away from over eating and ice cream, even though I normally would have done both. Tuesday was another decent day for the eating, and I went for a hike with my husband, Ben. We decided that Wednesday will be our cheating day, because that's the day we get together with my brother and sister-in-law and eat dinner and watch a TV show. They are working towards a healthier lifestyle as well, so it's their cheat day too. Even though it's our cheat day we've decided to nix the desert part of the menu and try to eat healthier things like fruits and cheeses and meats, in small quantities of course ;).
Today I hope to stick with not over eating and I hope to get some exercise too.